Diffractive optics


Osela beam shaping capabilities includes the use of Diffractive Optical Elements (also known as DOEs or simply “Gratings”) as required for machine vision Structured lighting and other industrial applications.

The Diffractive Optical Elements that we specialize in is mainly beam splitter type as it is an efficient method of splitting the beam with a precise angular spacing and power level while maintaining the properties (dimension, divergence, polarization) of the input beam.  The DOE beam splitter gratings offered by Osela are etched directly into fused silica providing the stability over time and temperature as required in most demanding industrial applications.  With a series of off the shelf standards readily available, we can also offer customs with minimal NRE and short delivery times.


  • Off the shelf standards available
  • Custom designs with minimal NRE and short delivery time
  • High damage threshold
  • High beam to beam intensity uniformity
  • High efficiency

Available in one and two dimensions with varying symmetries and power and angular distributions


Osela offers off the shelf gratings optimized for 660 nm,  with an efficiency > 75%, and a beam to beam uniformity in the order of 20-30% (dependant on model). Custom gratings are available upon demand.

Example of Osela’s multiline structured light laser