Osela is a specialized manufacturer of laser illumination systems and structured lighting for industrial machine vision applications requiring precision laser beam shaping as well as research and development projects around the world.

Our experienced and skilled staff, knowledgeable in the area of lasers and beam shaping optics, allow us to continually innovate our product portfolio as well as offer customized solutions to our clients.

With applications ranging from 3D Machine Vision to Biomedical and innovative research projects, our capabilities include:

– Uniform Single Laser Line

– Multiple laser lines

– Random Pattern Projection

– Customized patterns

– TopHat Beam Shaping

– Telecentric Projection


October 06, 2017

Osela is very pleased to introduce the SL PULSED POWER structured light laser line generator providing very high peak optical power while  maintaining a small footprint. Having an incorporated microcontroller allows for a factory set programmed operation time (maximum laser enable time and minimum laser disable time) for providing high intensity illumination during a period of time while maintaining acceptable heat dissipation. The user simply needs to provide a digital modulation signal to synchronize the enable time and disable time of the laser emission. Available at 450, 640 and 808nm up to 2W of optical power. DATASHEET

February 06, 2017

Osela is proud to introduce the new Microcontroller Option for our Streamline laser! This option allows for digital interfacing with the Streamline laser using RS-232 or RS-485 communication. The MC monitors and reports key parameters as well as allowing users to set operational conditions of the laser. The real time health monitoring is an excellent tool to analyze laser aging as well as allowing for preventative maintenance to reduce down time in factory.

Features such as real time health, diode current, temperature and power monitoring as well as the ability to control the power output and modulation logic, make the Streamline a truly SMART laser. With available RS-485 communication, users with systems using multiple lasers can now monitor all lasers simultaneously allowing for optimized feedback systems. Datasheet available for more information!

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