Efficient illumination for 3D structured lighting applications

Random Pattern Generator
Multi-Line Projector
Multi-Dot Projector

OSELA offers the most  extensive off the shelf laser based pattern projectors available on the market for providing accurate depth and surface information.  The projectors are widely used for  3D reconstruction, measurement, surface inspection tracking and surveillance and many other applications in 3D machine vision and active stereo.


Multiple Line Projector

A laser line projected on an object and seen from different viewpoints appear distorted due to the surface shape of the object, this geometrical deformation of the laser light is used to reconstruct the surface of an object. A faster and more efficient shape recovery method is to provide a series of parallel laser lines with one projection thereby limiting the need for scanning the object.  The displacement of the stripes allows for an exact retrieval of the 3D coordinates of any detail on the object’s surface. 

The multiple line generator can be offered over multiple product series ( Streamline, Compact, ILS, Fireline, SLP) from 1 to 99 lines over field of views up to 90 degrees.  Wavelength ranges from 405 nm to 830 nm.   Custom patterns readily available within weeks with low relatively low engineering fees. 

Multi-line laser projection on statue

Random Pattern Projector

Active Stereo  has a requirement for structured light patterns, the light is used to aid stereo matching and to better auto correlate the images for more accurate depth mapping.  It is most useful when imaging featureless objects as the laser light creates texture to better auto correlate stereo images for more accurate depth mapping. 

Osela offers its Random Pattern Projector over wide field of views in red and infrared for both eye safe and high power applications.  It is available in both Streamline and Compact laser packages.  


Beam Splitters/Dotted Row 

Beam splitters creating dotted row patterns are needed for metrology and other various applications.  The dotted row can be crossed to make a matrix of customizable aspect ratio.  As an example, dotted rows are often used in the lumber industry for grading wood quality as the dispersion of the dots help define key parameters.  Available in both Streamline and Compact packages and offered from 405 to 830 nm.  Custom patterns available with low engineering fees. 


Osela Advantages

  • In house design capabilities  
  • All glass binary master gratings 
  • High efficiency and high uniformity 
  • Minimal NRE for new designs