Specialized illumination for 2D imaging applications

Long Range Illuminator
Time Of Flight Illuminator
Multi-Dot Projector

Classic LED based illumination for 2D applications has its limitations at long working distances. Due to the high beam divergence of LEDs, the illumination brightness drops drastically as projection distance increase, resulting in poor long range imaging performance.  Osela’s series of spacially coherent illumination provides consistently high optical power density, providing excellent image quality over long working ranges. 

Long distance 2D laser based Illumination for machine vision Road inspection dimensional analysis having high power density

Our Long Range Illuminator is specifically designed for line scan applications. The high scanning speed of line scan cameras with small shutter times requires very bright line scan light. With LED based solutions, you need to locate the illumination very close to the object to achieve enough brightness. The advantage of the LRI is to project up to 20W from 1-5m distance with 90% efficiency.  

For illumination of 2D areas the TOFI laser or a stack of TOFI lasers can be used to project a rectangular spot to objects at far distance. The TOFI was originally designed for time of flight applications, but can also be used for illumination of 2D imaging applications at long distances (ex. Traffic surveillance). 

Time of Flight illumination application example.