Structured light illuminator for time of flight applications

Time Of Flight Illuminator

Osela’s TOFI is a self-contained module designed to project 2D area of uniform illumination. The module includes high-speed circuitry required for high resolution industrial depth sensing applications. The unique optical technology used in the module allows for high contained optical power over specific fields of view. 

A time of flight (ToF) camera is a range image camera system that employs time-of-flight techniques to resolve distance between the camera and the subject for each point of the image, by measuring the round trip time of an artificial light signal provided by a laser or an LED. The TOFI can be used to improve the working range of current market solutions for time of flight sensing.

Time of Flight illumination application example.

Classic LED based illumination for 2D applications has its limitations at long working distances. Due to the high divergence of LEDs the illumination brightness is sometimes not sufficient to create enough intensity on the camera for image processing applications. 

For enhanced illumination of 2D areas, the TOFI laser (or a stack of TOFI lasers) can be used for long working distance applications. Originally designed for time of flight applications, the TOFI offers significant advantages in long-distance applications such as  in the traffic surveillance. 

Time of Flight illumination application example.