Long range true gaussian circularized beam projection


Osela’s new True Gaussian technology offers laser projectors with fiber-like beam propagation characteristics. This technology is available at many wavelengths without the drawbacks of the competing fiber-based approach. It also allows the beam to be shaped without introducing important phase or intensity aberrations, providing excellent beam quality. 

True Gaussian technology optical intensity distribution
<strong><span style=color 000000>OSELA TGL<span><strong>
Standard spot laser optical intensity distribution
<strong><span style=color 000000>STANDARD LASER<span><strong>


Fiber like beam quality

Unique, in-house manufactured optical technology allows us to create high quality fiber-like beam projections in free space without fiber optics. Highly charactarized Gaussian beam profiles are possible without secondary lobes.

Graphical representation of True Gaussian Laser Intensity distribution


Isometric 3D representation of True Gaussian intensity distribution

Beam Circularization

The TGL laser is able to project circularized laser beams without the common drawbacks such as degradation of beam quality and high noise which are typically found in competing technologies (clipping, mechanical aperture, anamorphic prisms, etc). The circularization and high beam quality is maintained of long working ranges.  

Cross section of intensity distribution along working range of circularized beam
<span style=color 000000>True Gaussian Laser<span>

Compact cost-effective plug and play package

The small footprint of this technology allows for easy integration into compact mechanical packages and provides a significantly higher quality/cost ratio than when compared to other market solutions.

Mechanical drawing of Compact Laser

Clean beam laser lines

Osela’s True Gaussian technology can also be integrated with our laser line projectors in order to offer a superior focusing performance. The laser line’s cross section will maintain a high Gaussian fit distribution over an extended working range.

True Gaussian technology integrated with laser line projection over working range
Without True Gaussian Technology VS With True Gaussian Technology