Optimized illumination for 3D imaging applications

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3D machine vision is a necessity in the world of Industrial inspection due to the requirement for efficiency improvement in manufacturing. There is a clear emphasis towards automation and quality control, which are both critical in order to compete.  

The basic principle of 3D structured lighting is the process of projecting a reference illumination pattern onto an object whereby the displacement of the illumination is used to determine dimensional information via triangulation. This data is then processed for different machine vision related inspection tasks.

One of the most important elements of a highly effective 3D Machine Vision system is the illumination source. The quality of the light distribution is a key factor in determining scan speed, resolution and precision limitations of a vision system. With our customizable platforms, optical solutions and expertise, Osela is the perfect partner to maximize the performance of your 3D system. 

Conceptual drawing of 3D profile application example using Osela laser line projector and camera system

Key laser illumination parameters

Wavelength and Optical Power
Certain laser wavelengths offer specific advantages depending on the application requirements. Also, finding the right balance between optical power and system performance can offer a significant competitive advantage.

Laser Beam Shaping
Our in-house optical manufacturing capabilities allows for maximum flexibility in creating highly customized and characterized laser projections that are optimized for each system.

Understanding and implementing specific focusing parameters allow each laser to be optimized for maximum performance in a given working range. Osela offers over 10 focusing options to choose from. Contact us today to use our Online Simulation tool.

Laser Safety
Osela’s extensive Laser Safety knowlege & expertise allows us to optimize laser configuration for maximum performance within a given safety class.

Important concepts related to finding the right illumination specifications and solutions can be found in our expertise section.